Dovolená Rumunsko - dovolená v Rumunsku levně, informace o cestování

Vše o Rumunsku, cestování po Rumunsku, praktické informace pro vaši dovolenou v Rumunsku. Zajímavosti, geografie, kapitoly z rumunské historie a mnoho dalšího.



Ahmad, 2012-04-15 09:56:25
Thanks for the release, awemose work – as usual.Are you still looking for help? I can’t translate, but I’d be happy to typeset or clean.If you have any past experience in typesetting, it would be great to have you on our team. I’ve tried to teach people how to typeset before and they all just quit after a chapter or two.Yeah, I do, but it seems Im outclassed in credentials by ChaosMaster there. Ive just been doing it for a few months on non-car related manga, though I have experience in Photoshop for at least five years. So nothing too spectacular.

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anonym, 2016-05-14 00:03:18
I just want to know this: how on earth do you keep snarkiness out of your college papers? It slips through a lot of the time. I have a really hard time renriatnisg the snark when it comes to literary criticism. And yeah, the Wikipedia article on Nancy Drew seems to indicate that at least two (three?) people were writing the original books under the CK pen name.

anonym, 2016-05-17 01:25:04
I too loved Malory Towers, St. Cl#r(&a39s,ealthough I'm not sure if I'll ever revisit them) Antonia Forest's books, Lark in the Morn etc - I have very fond memories of them all. One that I absolutely loved when I was young was Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess with the wonderful Sara and the terrible Headmistress, Miss Minchin! Masha escaped me, but how to get hold of a copy now...


Dovolená Rumunsko - dovolená v Rumunsku levně, informace o cestování

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Rumunsko ve století světových válek RUMUNSKO VE STOLETÍ SVĚTOVÝCH VÁLEK: Počátky 20. století byli pro Rumunsko opravdovým vzkříšením
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